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Partially written December 17, 2021
Finished and recorded January 7, 2022


Cassette case on your smartphone
Your in the box guitar tones
The way you click and drag on a knob and you say
I think it’s sounding warmer

When you work at a click farm, it’s meta!
To buy your plays from a click farm, it’s meta!
The band you’re ripping off ripping off all the bands you wish you ripped off first, it’s meta!

Drip drip drip

Speculative investments
In two dimensional breasteses
The ad for fresh queezed orange juice when you were thinking bout tomorrow’s breakfast

Andy Kaufman’s career, it’s meta!
The one and only Billy shears, it’s meta!
The remixed compressed approximation of all your favorite records from the golden years, meta!

Drip drip drip

The filter fixing your face
The new improved human race
The culturally vague ethnically vague answer to all of life’s problems

You own a football team but it’s meta!
You’re into threesome scenes but it’s meta!
The background of your conference call is the Bahamas but your supervisor knows where you are, meta!

Drip drip drip!


from TRACK SABBATH, Vol. 3: Ten For Ten, released February 4, 2022


all rights reserved



Packy Lundholm Chicago, Illinois

Chicago musician/producer/songwriter occasionally makes his own records and puts 'em right here

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