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Might Be Alon
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Might Be Alon The year is 2020. The world is in quarantine due to COVID-19. Packy drops this album on March 27, and it makes everything just a little bit more bearable. I'm convinced this man is incapable of producing bad music, as everything he puts out hits the same sweet spot between my ears and my heart. Keep up the amazing work, man. I love ya. Favorite track: For A Free Ride.
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In early 2019 I was juggling several recording projects at once, making zero creative time for myself and feeling my body and spirit creep towards burnout. I decided to take the month of February off from my recording clients and spend that time following up on old song ideas, experimenting with sounds, and chasing whatever creative spark might inspire me on a given day.

You might call it a working vacation. I called it TRACK SABBATH.

This stretch of self-run sessions yielded a number of songs, some of which asserted themselves as worth keeping, and some of which died on the vine. Since that February I had kept these tunes under wraps, with loose plans to put a few more together and call it a proper record, get it pressed, and so on.

Alas, once I got back into my other recording projects time kept slipping away, and before I knew it a whole year had passed. Now that the world is holed up in their homes avoiding pandemic and getting bored as hell I decided it was time to stop being so precious, make a couple final tweaks, and let some of this music out already.

So, in classic wait-and-hurry-up fashion, I now present a selection of songs from the inaugural TRACK SABBATH.

Some liner notes, so to speak…

Okay, I’m cheating already. This track was actually first recorded in November 2018, but the immense joy that I felt the day (and night, and wee hours) I made it was what influenced me to do TRACK SABBATH in the first place. This was the first time in a while that I had recorded myself in earnest, and it was a real treat to apply the skills and tools I had acquired in recent years to one of my own tunes.

It’s a song about wanting to be cocaine guys. Pretty self-explanatory. Okay? To be clear, I’m not cocaine guys, I don’t actually want to be cocaine guys, but that’s the song. Okay? If you yourself are cocaine guys you might think this song is about you, and you might be right. This song features the only guest appearance on TRACK SABBATH, when Harley Figueroa comes in hot on the…just listen. Okay?

-Take Two Spills
Written in September ’18, after coming home from a literally inspiring Jason Isbell show at Auditorium Theater. I sat at the dinner table at 1am mumbling it into my phone so as to not wake my (now-)wife. Once I recorded it it got a lot louder. It’s a song about addiction and the lies addicts tell themselves and the people around them. It also features my favorite guitar solo I’ve ever done. Actually this is one of my favorite tracks overall.

-Down Ashland
This one technically predates TRACK SABBATH too but I messed with it a little during the sessions so I’m counting it. Just a couple of drunks holding each other up on a bender. Have you noticed these songs are basically all about drugs? I didn’t mean to do that but here we are.

-For A Free Ride
The TRACK SABBATH experiment also coincided within my months-long hiatus from social media. That break from incessant scrolling and backlit negativity freed up an astounding percentage of my brainpower and I found myself not only more creative but having more focus to pursue inspirations than I’d had in years. This is sorta about that.

-Wolf Tickets
A Jackson Browne/Warren Zevon piano ballad about the Fyre Festival. Straight up. Obviously I should’ve put this out when people were still talking about Fyre (oh, simpler times), but I didn’t like the track all that much at the time. But the few people who I did play it for eventually convinced me otherwise, and again, here we are.

Everything was recorded by myself at Sound Vault Studios. Final mixes and mastering were done in home quarantine on a single pair of headphones. That's usually a bad idea, but global circumstances have required it. Hopefully it all sounds okay on your own system. Caveat emptor.


released March 27, 2020

All songs, instruments, and recording by Packy Lundholm
Except COCAINE GUYS, Alto Sax by Harley Figueroa
Recorded at Sound Vault Studios, Chicago IL


all rights reserved



Packy Lundholm Chicago, Illinois

Chicago musician/producer/songwriter occasionally makes his own records and puts 'em right here

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